Boat insurance: What should I know?

Whether you are riding for fun, fishing or performing some sports activities, exploring the waters on a boat is a source of pleasure. Boats are like any other expensive asset that you own such as cars. They can cause damage in the event you get into an accident while boating. That is one reason you should consider getting boat insurance. If you are a boat owner or planning to have one, below are some of the things you need to understand about boat insurance.

You can pause boat insurance

When it comes to other insurance policies like auto coverage, you cannot pause protection regardless of the season. But boat insurance is different; you can pause the coverage during winter seasons. This is because, during the winter months, you are less likely to go boating. Some policies allow you to buy the insurance for only those months that you are likely to use your boat. This means that in case you use your boat during the not included period in your insurance, you are not covered should anything happen to you. Ensure you insure the months you will take your boat out so that if anything happens to you, there will be no need to worry.

You can buy more coverage for your boat

The basic types of boat insurance include liability and property coverage. But if you wish to purchase extra coverage, there are various kinds of additional coverages to choose from:
Emergency services: This is the type of insurance that caters for any costs that are as a result of emergency services.
Wreck removal: Do not expect your boat to remain all the time afloat. Sometimes your boat might sink, and if this happens, wreck removal policy pays the reasonable cost of removing, raising,   or destroying your boat.
Cheap repairs: Boat repairs can be costly, and therefore reasonable repairs policy covers the maintenance to shield your watercraft from potential damage.

It covers various disasters

Different disasters could happen and affect you and your boat. Having boat insurance protects you from facing the nightmare of disasters such as fire, boat capsizing, storms, stranding, sinking, collision, and theft.

Personal insurance does not cover it

It is necessary to note that your personal property insurance does not cover your motor boat. However, small boats without engines and canoes may be covered by your property insurance. Therefore, if your boat has a motor, it is not covered, and you will thus have to find boat insurance separately.

You can save on your boat insurance

We all want to save some cash and not spend it on one thing like insurance. You can reduce your boat coverage rates doing some of these: having approved fire extinguisher onboard and using diesel which lowers your risk.


Having a boat means more fun. However, you want to ensure that your boat plus you and the people who use it are protected. Always ensure that you use a covered boat to avoid paying for expenses in the event something bad happens.